Vår Energi award COSL Drilling Europe 2-year contract for drilling in the Barents Sea with the COSLProspector.

COSL Drilling Europe will be utilizing its modern, 6th. Generation Harsh Environment Semi-Submersible drilling unit, the COSLProspector for this contract.

The agreement has a firm duration of 2 years, commencing third quarter of 2024 with 3 years of options included, with a maximum duration of 5 years.

«Vår Energi shares our ambition to deliver on the energy transition. We are very satisfied with the opportunity to provide our safe, efficient and low emission rigs, and with COSLProspector as our fourth rig we are well positioned as a solid player on the Norwegian Continental shelf. We will use this position to set a new market standard in terms of efficient drilling operations” says Frank Tollefsen, CEO & President of COSL Drilling Europe.

«We are looking forward to expanding our partnership through a long-term strategic alliance. This gives a solid base to develop the drilling operations for the future», Tollefsen says.