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Brudd i lønnsforhandlingene på flyteriggavtalen
Det ble natt til onsdag brudd i forhandlingene mellom Industri Energi og Norges Rederiforbund (NR) i lønnsoppgjøret for flyteriggansatte
Please read the emails below from Wintershall DEA and Fabio Micari.
This is great feedback for the very good job done the last year.
I have the honor and the pleasure of forwarding you the message received from Wintrshell to annoucne the start of production on the Nova field.
We have had a fundamental role in the achievement of such a result and we have once more confirmed that Scarabeo 8 team is at the top among the drilling teams in Norway.
I have been receiving different feedbacks from the Client but the one that I value the most is that Saipem team has always been a partner for them and that together we overcame all challenges ahead of us. Even when we have had some bumps along the road we reacted realigning ourselves to the high standards we usually have.

In this days we are facing another big challenge: we are in shipyard, new one for us, with a complex SPS to run in parallel with demanding requests from the new Client and so we have to approach this period with the same attitude. We team up with our colleagues who joined us for the project, we pursue the same high standards we apply when on the field and we keep up the one team spirit that is now part of our working culture. In this way we will be sure of bringing home another great result for us and for our Company.

A special thought has to be dedicated to safety; shipyard works are as risky as all other works we do offshore, sometimes even more, and therefore we have to be, as always done, leaders in promoting our safety culture and being vigilant for ourselves and the one next to us, regardless which coverall are they wearing.
No achievement can be as important as the safety of the people who worked for it.

I conclude thanking you for the great job done and confirming once more how proud I am of such a great team.

Første olje fra Nova: Wintershall Dea øker          Nova 1st oil: Wintershall Dea increases production
produksjonen i Norge                                                           volumes in Norway. 

Members of the Nova One team (and the rest of the D&W community),

Ref below – a very important milestone for WD and our partners has been achieved with Nova first oil this weekend !

The D&W part of the project has partly been a bumpy road, with the challenging start-up and following the cancellation of the West Mira, fast track rig change to SC8, continuous and ongoing changes in scope and the drilling related operational issues, that gave us some huge stepbacks in the first part of the SC8 campaign.
However - we have seen a very positive development for the last part of the project, and I am especially impressed by the flawless and safe performance and delivery of the complex completion and clean-up scope of the wells.
The scope has included multiple high-risk activities connected to clean-up of all the wells, and I am very glad to these activities has been performed without any serious injuries or any well control accidents.

Some key numbers for the SC8 drilling campaign

HSE : 1 LTI / SI (finger injury in welder ship, 1 minor spill (BOP fluid), 1 DO > 40 joule (cover on topdrive), 0 well control incidents
Budget : 31 days ahead of budget, incl additional work to perform WI diagnostic at the end (10 days behind in total including all West Mira challenges)
Ops factor : 81 % (70% in total including all West Mira challenges)

I would like to thank all of you that has been involved for your great effort into this challenging project – without the One team approach and the close cooperation and ownership from our contractors and team members this would not have been achievable.

Please bring the message forward to everybody in your teams that has been involved,

Kind Regards
Nils Petter Norheim
Head of Drilling & Wells

M +47 48105989,
Wintershall Dea Norge, Jåttåflaten 27, 4020 Stavanger, PO Box 230 Sentrum, 4001 Stavanger, Norway

 Dear colleagues,

I am very happy to announce that Wintershall Dea and the license partners Sval Energi and Pandion Energy Norge have started production on the Nova field last Friday (29 July)!

Achieving first oil on Nova strengthens our position as one of the largest subsea operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and allows us to deliver additional volumes of much-needed energy to Europe. As a tie-back to the existing Gjøa platform, which is powered from shore, Nova will produce with low carbon-intensity, fitting well into our energy transition strategy.

You can read more in the attached press release and on the Portal.

A huge thanks to the entire Nova team and everybody who has contributed to making this happen! Thank you for your commitment and hard work to move the project forward, all the way from discovery in 2012 to production start now. However, Nova is not completely finalised yet. There is still some scope to complete, such as the water injection which is expected to come into place this autumn, but you have already achieved an incredible accomplishment that you can be very proud of!

There will be cake in all Wintershall Dea locations on Tuesday. Those of you who are here, enjoy a slice during lunch and celebrate this fantastic achievement!


Kind regards
Michael Zechner
Managing Director

I sometimes send emails out of hours; I do not expect others to do so.

T +47 51 82 24 00, M +47 90 13 42 66,
Wintershall DEA Norge AS, Jåttåflaten 27, 4020 Stavanger, P.O. Box 230 Sentrum, 4001 Stavanger, Norway

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    Please read the emails below from Wintershall DEA and Fabio Micari.This is great...
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