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Nødvendig å etablere et nytt karanteneregelverk for sokkelarbeidere som er bosatt i utlandet
I et felles brev til helseministeren foreslår Industri Energi, Fellesforbundet, Norsk olje og gass, Norges Rederiforbund og Norsk Industri endringer i karanteneregelverket for arbeidstakere som ankommer Norge for å jobbe på sokkelen.
Nå tvinges regjeringen til å utvide permitteringslengden
LO, NHO og opposisjonen har lenge krevd at permitteringsordningen utvides til 52 uker. Onsdag møter partene i arbeidslivet finansministeren på nytt. Da gjentas kravet på nytt.


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Layoff scheme:
The government is now being forced to extend the length of redundancies
LO, NHO and the opposition have long demanded that the redundancy scheme be extended to 52 weeks. On Wednesday, the parties in working life will meet the Minister of Finance again. Then the requirement is repeated again.
The time is overdue to extend the length of redundancy further, says LO leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen.

The NHO demands the same to a very high degree. And in the Storting there will now be a majority for the same.

- It is probably only the government that has not understood it, says the Labor Party's labor policy spokesman, Rigmor Aasrud ​​to FriFagbevegelse.

- In a good tripartite spirit, I think the government must listen to what both employers and employees say. Now the government must listen to those who have their shoes on, she adds.

That the Progress Party thinks the same, means that the government really has no choice.

- I first want to hear what the parties in working life say, and I have not heard anything from LO. But if Lo and NHO think it is still a requirement and if the situation demands it, I think it is right to extend the length of layoffs now, says Erlend Wiborg (Frp) to FriFagbevegelse.

He is the leader of the Labor and Social Affairs Committee in the Storting.

Held again

While the parties in working life and the opposition in the Storting have demanded it for a long time, the government has held back in relation to the redundancy regulations.

When Prime Minister Erna Solberg held her half-yearly press conference this summer, she said that if the labor market does not improve, the length of redundancy will be extended to 52 weeks.

LO and NHO had then sent a letter to the Prime Minister with this demand. In the background, there is a fear of mass redundancies if the demand is not met.

- The length of layoff will be as it is until we make a new decision at the beginning of August, Erna Solberg said then.

The beginning of August has now become 12 August. On Wednesday, Minister of Finance Jan Tore Sanner will meet both LO leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen and NHO chief Ole Erik Almlid.

There they will repeat the claim.

Before the summer holidays, the LO leader met, among others, shop stewards and the management of Scandic, who had received the heavy message that 1,000 hotel workers will lose their jobs.

"Unfortunately, this can only be the beginning if Prime Minister Erna Solberg and the government do not understand the seriousness," Hans-Christian Gabrielsen told FriFagbevegelse.

- Most Norwegians have vacationed in Norway and made sure that some tourism companies have had an ever so small respite. But the autumn may become darker and darker than necessary if the government does not take action, he adds.

A membership survey among 600 companies in NHO Reiseliv shows that as many as half of the companies think they have to lay off employees if the length of layoffs is not increased now.

Located downstairs

- The government has said no to extending the redundancy scheme to 52 weeks, and says they will look into it. We have said that this is dangerously defensive, and have therefore, together with NHO, warned against such passivity from the government. We still have over 200,000 Norwegians who do not have a job to go to. It can quickly get much worse. If unemployment gets stuck, it will take a long time before the labor market is declared healthy, he claims.

And gives a picture of what is about to happen:

- At the quay in Slemmestad, we have four cement silos at 70 meters above the ground. We who grew up in Slemmestad know what cement is. I tend to say that unemployment is a bit like cement. It is easy to move while it is wet, but if it is allowed to harden and stick, it is almost impossible to get rid of, says Hans-Christian Gabrielsen.

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