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-Vurderer boikott av vekterbransjen
Vekterselskapenes permitterer hovedtillitsvalgte. Nå kommer det kraftige reaksjoner fra Industri Energi.
Forhøyet dagpengesats forlenges ut året
Regjeringen foreslår å forlenge perioden med forhøyet dagpengesats ut året, bekrefter arbeids- og sosialminister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (H).
– Vi forlenger den midlertidige dagpengeordningen ut året. Det gir større forutsigbarhet for dem som mottar dagpenger, sier Isaksen til NTB.

Forhøyet dagpengesats forlenges ut året

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Permitted and unemployed:
The increased unemployment benefit rate is extended throughout the year
The government proposes to extend the period with an increased unemployment benefit rate throughout the year, confirms Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (H).
- We are extending the temporary unemployment benefit scheme for the rest of the year. It provides greater predictability for those who receive unemployment benefits, says Isaksen to NTB.

- It has been clear from the outset that an increased unemployment benefit rate is a temporary measure. The Storting has decided that the scheme will apply until 31 October, but we have also said that we must constantly assess the measures based on how the situation develops.

The temporary scheme means that the unemployment benefit rate up to 3G has been increased to 80 per cent. Beyond this, the level is 62.4 percent, as usual.

Proposals for budget decisions will be submitted to the Storting so that the scheme is extended until 2020.

Extended redundancy

There has been unrest in the opposition for the consequences of ending the scheme on 31 October.

- If the scheme is not continued after 1 November, many will experience lower payments of unemployment benefits, and those with the lowest income will be thrown out of the scheme. This will hit those with the lowest income the hardest, writes SV's fiscal policy spokesperson Kari Elisabeth Kaski in a letter to Isaksen.

Thursday's clarification means that the government is extending another of the most important measures that were introduced when Norway was hit by an outbreak of coronavirus in March and the economy was shut down. On Thursday 14 August, it became clear that the government will extend the redundancy period to 52 weeks from 1 November.

Isaksen emphasizes that the government's most important job, in addition to dealing with the infection situation, is to take care of jobs.

- We must create more and include more. Therefore, we have both provided support to the business community through the corona crisis, but also made it easier for recipients of unemployment benefits to get replenishment of expertise, he says.

Unemployment benefits: Now Nav is starting to demand back advances

Waiting for unemployment benefits

At the same time, the consequences of the corona crisis for the labor market have completely overwhelmed Nav.

The class struggle wrote on 18 August that 67,000 people were still waiting to have their unemployment benefit applications processed.

This summer, 37,000 of these were informed that their cases have been postponed, according to Isaksen. These cases mainly concern people who are back at work.

- The Labor and Welfare Service has informed me that these cases will probably be processed in September. Of the remaining 30,000, about 20,000 are older cases that are expected to be processed in August. The other 10,000 are new cases that are being processed, says Isaksen.

- Glad the government listened to LO

According to the FriFagbevegelse's experience, LO leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen and NHO leader Ole Erik Almlid met Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (H) earlier this week.

At the top of the agenda were unemployment benefit rates, which the government has previously said will return to normal levels from 1 November.

Thursday - just two days after Røe Isaksen announced in a written response that these plans have not been changed, the government turns around. Unemployment benefit rates are now locked out for the rest of the year.

- It is good that the government has listened to LO and is abandoning plans to lower unemployment benefit rates already this autumn, says Hans-Christian Gabrielsen to FriFagbevegelse.

- Increased unemployment benefit rates help to ensure the security and income of those who are hit hard by the authorities' infection measures. This crisis is far from over. for many of the laid off and unemployed. The community must stand up for them, says the LO leader.

Fellesforbundet's leader Jørn Eggum has the following comment to FriFagbevegelse:

- It is positive that the government makes sense and orients itself in reality in relation to the challenges ordinary workers face, but we are far from reaching our goal. Now they have to put holiday pay in place on the unemployment benefit in the coming budget for 2021.

Still hope

SV leader Audun Lysbakken says that the government is once again waiting until the twelfth hour to say that they are extending absolutely necessary measures to ensure people's income in times of crisis.

- This creates uncertainty. The Minister of Labor says that this provides more predictability for those who receive unemployment benefits. What will provide the most predictability now is whether the government provides a guarantee that the social schemes will be extended as long as we are facing this crisis, says Audun Lysbakken to FriFagbevegelse.

- I assume that this applies to all corona measures, such as lower entry criteria for unemployment benefits, so that more people do not now lose rights, he adds.

Red leader Bjørnar Moxnes believes this came in overtime.

- The government's deliberate uncertainty about whether the increased unemployment benefits would be phased out or apply until the end of the year has created unnecessary worries for many, he says to FriFagbevegelse.

He points out that there is still a great deal of injustice in the unemployment benefit system.

- Those who have been laid off this year will not receive holiday pay next year, and those who became unemployed before mid-March will not be allowed to take part in the increased unemployment benefit, even though it is more demanding.

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