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Newsletter March 2021
Hi All,TheMarch edition of our newsletter is now available!
Information- Covid 19 pandemic.
In the last period we have seen an increase in number and frequency of changes to the regulations related to the Covid-19 pandemic, especially when it comes to travels and border crossing. Every nation has now is own set of rules and we can see them changed every week.

Dear Colleagues,

As you know the Company have so far tried to react to each change updating our local procedure but this is no longer possible. The risk of not being able to inform in due time or to be missing details of this or that local rules is to high to be run.

For this reason you are all asked to keep yourself updated on the requirements and regulations that has to be followed when entering into to Norway before travelling for work, we of course remain available for clarification that might be needed.
Our HR department will be always updating the travel arrangement in accordance with the latest policy but, as done so far, please inform us of any change that you became aware of, this will help us a lot in avoiding overlooked information or regulation.

Information for Norway can be found on following webpages but please check always also the relevant information for your own country of origin.

Our procedure will be there as a guideline but it will not capture all changes from now on.

Please be informed that the self declaration form still will have to be filled out, and you will have to follow the instruction on the form when returning the form back.

Best Regards

Hr & Org Manager
Office +47 51 64 98 11
Mobile +47 93460289

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