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LO ble hørt: Bedrifter som tar permitterte tilbake i jobb skal få lønnstilskudd
1. mai foreslo LO lønnstilskudd til bedrifter som tar permitterte inn igjen. Nå er forslaget vedtatt på Stortinget.

LO ble hørt: Bedrifter som tar permitterte tilbake i jobb skal få lønnstilskudd

Google translate of article:

Unanimous decision in the Storting
LO was heard: Companies that take laid-off workers back to work should receive wage subsidies
On May 1, LO proposed wage subsidies to companies that take back layoffs. The proposal has now been adopted by the Storting.
The proposal is a mix of LO's proposals, input from the NHO and the expert committee chaired by Steinar Holden. But the main lines of the scheme are in relation to LO's proposals.

A company that takes a laid-off contract can receive a maximum of NOK 15,000 for each month in July and August if at least 30 per cent of sales failure.

LO leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen thinks it is good that the parliamentary majority has listened to LO and turns the state's expenses from paying for inaction through unemployment benefits to paying for being back at work.

- A salary supplement allows more laid-off workers to return to work faster with full pay, says Hans-Christian Gabrielsen to the Free Trade Movement.

Calls for measures against mass redundancies

The LO leader now calls for several crucial measures to prevent mass redundancies in several industries.

- It is now urgent to extend the layoff period from 26 to 52 weeks. The government's "wait to see attitude" is dangerously defensive. We receive daily reports from union representatives and companies that the risk of mass redundancies is high, unless this is in place. I therefore trust that the Storting majority does what needs to be done to prevent a race of layoffs in a number of industries. We must do everything to get the over 300,000 laid-off and unemployed back into work. If unemployment gets stuck, it will take a long time for the labor market to be freshly reported, says Hans-Christian Gabrielsen.

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (H) did not make any new signals about this when he visited the Storting on Tuesday. He agrees both with Tekna, which warns against a longer length of leave, and with LO and NHO who ask for 52 weeks.

Also read: The government refuses to extend the length of the layoffs. The NHO boss fears it will have major consequences

Wide agreement on wage subsidies

There was broad agreement on the decision in the Storting. The disagreement went, as usual in the corona packages, on whether requirements should be set for the companies receiving support.

- The Labor Party is well pleased that there will be a wage subsidy now. We are in the process of turning emergency aid from emergency assistance to activity-promoting measures. We must keep our eyes on the future. It is an experience from the financial crisis that rogue players strengthen their position at the expense of the rogue. We must avoid this after all this crisis. We must promote policies for a serious working life. I find that the government is not as concerned, says Eigil Knutsen to the Free Trade Union Movement.

Additional proposals from Ap

- There is cross-political support for most measures. But the crisis is skewed. We believe that dividends, bonuses, management salaries and board fees must be limited in 2020 and 2021. Eigil Knutsen (Ap) said in the debate.

- We also want to limit this to the hiring of labor. The goal is to get employees who are laid off. The problem arises when one has labor hire. If you lower the price of the one you rent, it can make hiring more attractive than before, says Eigil Knutsen to the Free Trade Movement.

He also believes that conditions must be set in relation to a lawful judge against him in relation to workplace crime and social dumping.

But these additional proposals did not get a majority.

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